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Everyone using social media would agree that TikTok is an app that should not be underestimated, as it is literally grabbing the eyeballs of millions of people worldwide - more than 800 million active users. Basically, with only one video you share with the world, you can become an instant hit, music star, fashion icon, and just a performer of any kind, plus get paid for your talents.

Who would think that it can get so far with everyone obsessing over TikTok?!

If you think about it, it is an enormous number considering the total population of the world. If you are part of the TikTok community, you are probably wondering what it takes to make it there.

One of the good ingredients for success on TikTok is the TikTok likes and research shows that many TikTokers made it by having a good amount of likes on their videos.

Many TikTokers are buying their likes in order to be closer to that long-wanted success on this platform and eventually get paid for it. But what if you don’t want to pay for likes on this platform but get some for free?!

TikTok before and after profile - likes

In this guide, we’ll give you access to all the tips and tricks out there for getting those long-wanted free TikTok likes. Even though many would say that this is ultimately an artificial way to boost the like count, it is still a successful way that many users are practicing.

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If you are one of those who want to know what it takes to get those free likes on this platform, stay tuned because we dive deep into the essential things you need to know.

Why are TikTok likes so important?

TikTok likes are as important as views or comments. In fact, they indicate how popular a creator is on this platform, so it does not really matter whether they are free or paid, as long as they are valid and of good quality to grow one's profile.

So, they are important because they are a ranking system for TikTok’s algorithm, and they measure how well you are doing on TikTok. The more likes you have on a particular video, the bigger the chances are that the video will show up on the For You page.

All in all, TikTok likes have a significant social impact, and the more you have them on your videos, the more you’ll be perceived as a good content creator.

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How to get likes on TikTok for free

For those that are lacking a TikTok audience, it seems that the likes that they would get from that audience might be the only issue that is blocking them from going viral on this platform. The competition to get those likes is wild, so you better learn all the best tools to get you those free TikTok likes you need so badly.

Best free TikTok likes generator for 2022

1) Instafollowers

Let the name of the website not fool you. is not just a website that can get your Instagram followers, but it can also offer you TikTok likes for free. Actually, you can use their daily free trial and get up to 100 free TikTok likes each time.

The steps to do it are quick and simple to follow. All you need to do is enter the TikTok video link in the first box out of the two you’ll see. Since this is the free version, you will be able to get those 100 TikTok likes for free all at once. To complete this process, just click on Get Free Likes, and you are done.

Instafollowers - tool for free TikTok likes


ManyTikTok users who are interested in getting free TikTok likes are choosing the InstBlast website as one of the safest. Also, it has been truly growing as one of the best platforms to get free TikTok likes. Reviews claim that by using it, there is no probability of any kind of privacy breach and one of their accounts has been locked or blocked. Supposedly, the TikTok likes you’ll get from InstaBlast are from genuine and authentic TikTok followers only.

In addition, you’ll get fast delivery of those likes, and you won’t have to wait for days till the outcome shows.

InstBlast - free TikTok likes

3) PubTok

This website also helps TikTokers get free TikTok likes without human verification. All you need to do is enter your TikTok username and email address.

In addition, PubTok also has this deal that offers users to make a video of them ordering free TikTok likes on PubTok and recording that video and also adding hashtags to it such as #freetiktoklikes, #50freetiktoklikes, #pubtok. After the video is posted on TikTok, they can contact PubTok’s live chat, and they will send that user 500 free likes, which are worth more than $10.

PubTok - free TikTok likes

However, there are some requirements that the video must meet, and PubTok strongly advises that anyone reads these rules thoroughly and not break any of the policies of both sides.

PubTok Rules - free TikTok likes

4) TikBooster

A free yet credible source for free TikTok likes and Tiktok followers. They allow users to request up to 6K free likes from an automated system that is genuine and is generated every 24 hours.

TikBooster - free TikTik likes

5) MyToolsTown

Unlike other similar tools that can ask for a login before you get those free TikTok likes, MyToolsTown allows you to use it without the login and simply by entering your TikTok username. The platform will help you get up to 1000 free and real likes.

My Tools Town - free TikTok likes

6) SocialFollowrsFree

SocialFollowersFree is a free tool that can also help you get those free TikTok likes that you long for. Their motto relies on the fact that as fun as making videos on TikTok is, the better it will be if you can engage more people to view and like your videos. So, by resorting to this tool, you don’t have to take extreme measures or pay for these likes, as this tool has no hidden fees, no hacking, and no fake followers.

Social Followers Free - free TikTok likes

7) AliveTalk
It is much more fulfilling to know that the videos you make on TikTok are appreciated and liked by others. Therefore, you can use the assistance of this tool that is meant to help you boost your TikTok followers and likes for free. AliveTalk is totally legit, and it offers around 50 new followers each day.

AliveTalk - free TikTok likes


This platform can also offer users free TikTok likes without off-putting verifications and completing tasks. With FeedPixes, you can get up to 1000 free TikTok likes per day. The best thing is that it all comes without off-putting verifications and completing tasks.

FeedPixel - free TikTok likes

9) TikBoost

Enhance and boost your TikTok account for free by using the TikBoost app. With it, you can gain up to 1000 real likes at no cost. You just need to download the TikBoost app, follow the simple instructions and wait for the magic to start. You will be able to see results in a max time of 24 hours.

TikBoost - free TikTok likes

How many likes on TikTok does one profile need to get paid?

The baseline is that to get monetized directly from TikTok, users must have at least 10.000 followers and have accrued at least 100.000 video views within the last 30 days. So, when TikTok user reaches that threshold, they can apply for TikTok’s Creator Fund.

That being said, just like with other social media platforms such as YouTube and Instagram, TikTok also has a partnership program. However, there is no real equation by which you can calculate how many likes on TikTok you need in order to get paid.

It all comes down to this: TikTok likes depend on the number of your followers, your follower number depends on how interesting and viral your videos are, and so on. It all goes in a circle, and there is no exact estimation to tell you that you need to have a certain amount of likes to get paid a certain amount of money.

The only thing you can hope for is that the more views you’ll be able to get (from having more followers, of course), the bigger your chances are to get more likes.

Is it safe to get free TikTok likes daily?

There is no straightforward answer because sometimes it can be safe and risky. For instance, if you know the provider and you don’t need to pass human verification by providing a password, there are still things you must check.

Getting free likes on TikTok is not strictly against TikTok’s terms of service, but if one continually gets those, that account might be flagged for inauthentic likes.

By this, we mean you need to focus on the speed, regularity, and quantity for an account to be safe when getting the free TikTok likes.

Quick tips for getting more TikTok likes

Creating a good profile - this is an essential first impression of your TikTok success. If people are not instantly impressed by glancing at your profile, they will not bother following you and, therefore, like your videos. Do research by checking out other similar yet popular profiles of your niche or someone you admire to get inspiration to create something similar for yourself.

Establishing your style - since everyone’s style is different and since you have a male and female audience, showing your style is also a must. You cannot generalize your TikTok audience, and you need to develop a signature style for your content. Once you know your niche, you need to create content that will match that style. For example, when you make a new video that you want to post, think twice before posting it (whether you have added suitable captions, details, and most importantly, whether it truly appeals to your target audience).

Knowing who to target - don’t focus on pleasing everyone on TikTok and create content that would appeal to your core audience. So, by first determining who you want your core audience to be, you are one step ahead towards your TikTok success. Again, do research to determine who your “super-fans” are and focus on creating content that would correspond to their needs on this platform.

Creating captivating videos that stand out from the crowd - being authentic is hard, but it is a must for this platform since it is already very crowded with so much content and active creators growing as we speak. Therefore, never upload something that has already been done. Instead, your pivot must be on the talent that you want to present along with some creativity. It is the best combo for standing out. Think creative or get inspired by others but do not copy others' people's content.

Take on challenges - this is a vital part of TikTok, so you must incorporate them. However, you cannot take on challenges that are again general but focus on something specific to your niche. They will certainly help you be more noticed. Make sure not to be repetitive when it comes to these challenges, as they can become a bit so. The trick here is to add some personal twists, effects, and music to them to make you stand out.

Collaboration with others in your niche - remember that you are not alone on TikTok and you better socialize with other successful TikTokers in your niche. So, start by watching their videos and leave thoughtful, fun comments to spark a potential conversation that could lead to collaboration between you two. In addition, you can tag them in your own video content, which will give them credit while boosting user engagement with your TikTok friends.

Will I get free TikTok followers instantly?

The answer to this question is most probably you won’t. It is a process since these generators mentioned above provide real TikTok followers from authentic users.

Apart from this, if you are using several accounts on TikTok to make your chances much bigger of going viral on this platform, we can guide you on how to log in to multiple accounts there.

In addition, did you know that you can adjust what TikTok displays on your feed based on your interests by making a few changes in your TikTok’s Settings?!