Facebook Company Meta Brings New Monetizing Features to Creators

Ever since CEO Mark Zuckerberg introduced us with Meta, which is supposed to gather apps and technologies, people seem like they cannot stop buzzing over this next evolution of social connection.

At first, we were introduced to the Meta, a new virtual reality world where users can make money from their work, be represented by an avatar, do shopping, go to social events, and even take part in leisure activities.

However, in the meantime, this social network is unlocking opportunities for creators by testing out new tools that enable group admins for creators to earn money, with new shopping, fundraising, and subscription features.

Now let’s find out what is just around the corner.

  • Facebook Groups administrators and coordinators will be allowed and therefore able to create community fundraisers, run e-commerce stores and sell merchandise and even charge subscription fees for special subgroups.

This feature will help people who run groups maintain the community they have built. The community shop is just an extension of Facebook’s existing ways of allowing group admins to sell goods. Likewise, the fundraisers will allow group admins to fund certain projects. And last but not least, the feature of paid subgroups will allow members to pay a monthly fee in order to participate.

  • The fundraisers will probably be a small charge for fee processing, in addition to any relevant taxes. The transaction fees by outlets are likely to be waived till June 2022 and they will not share in any of the funds that are earned by paid subgroups.
  • The subgroup feature will allow members to break off within groups to focus on certain regions or topics.
  • Facebook Group will offer users tools to customize their group`s appearance and members would even be able to give “community awards” for valuable posts.
  • Facebook has been trying hard to bait more creators, or influential social media customers, onto its services as it faces heightened competition from TikTok, Snapchat, and also YouTube.

Meta Head of Facebook, Tom Alison commented:

“We really want to be the best place for creators to have a sustainable business offering, because we know that the content that they create for people on Facebook is really valuable. The work that we’re doing with the group admins is an extension and recognition of that.”

Interestingly enough, Facebook Groups have taken a crucial part in the company's strategy in the past few years and gives its users this platform where they can connect with those who share similar interests in areas such as food, sports activities, art, and cars. More than 1.8 billion people use Facebook Groups per month which is almost 62% of Facebook's monthly active users.

Also, the new Facebook Groups features shall be less intended for Facebook in order to increase its revenue but more in the aspect of targeting at the incentive so that users stay there and build their audience.

On the other hand, Facebook Groups have been under close-up inspections from lawmakers who argue that these Groups will provide closed spaces for false health information, violence and overall extremism.