Facebook Will be Testing Cross-Posting Directly to Instagram

Cross-posting from Facebook to Instagram is currently being tested.

We are not talking about the already seen sharing your Instagram post to your Facebook profile, we’re talking about sending updates directly to your Facebook from your Instagram account.

Even though we’ve seen cross-posting on Instagram Stories, Reels, and regular posts - photos/videos, Facebook is currently testing this feature, and it’s been released to only a small percentage of users, mostly those who have their Facebook linked to their personal, creator or business account.

So, if you’ve linked your Instagram to your Facebook, you might be one of the lucky ones!

The feature has not been introduced to the public yet since it’s in a beta testing phase, but you can check if you got the update if you connected Instagram to Facebook.

To check if the cross-post feature is activated for you, follow these steps:

  • Open Facebook, and click on ‘Create Post’.
  • In the posting field, under your name, you’ll see sharing options, as well as the Instagram logo saying ‘Off’.
  • Click on the button, and you’ll be redirected to a new page, where Facebook will ask for your permission to start cross posting to Instagram. If you want to allow it, toggle the button next to the field. You’ll also be notified that this will only cross-post your current post, and not other future posts.

Based on what users are currently seeing during the beta testing, we will be able to cross-post albums with up to 10 photos, single photos, and single videos - this is due to Instagram’s option of the maximum photos/videos allowed to be shared in a single post.

Benefits of Facebook cross-posting feature

There are a lot of benefits of having this feature implemented, having your accounts connected saves time when you want to share posts of your big life events.

Facebook/Meta has been making plenty of updates in the field of connecting your accounts and making your experience easier.

The last biggest update was connecting your Messenger to your Instagram account, making it easier to communicate with friends from a single app instead of two different ones.

A couple of months ago, the company created a way for people to use the feature vice versa - from Messenger to communicate with Instagram friends.

The app also released one of their newest features when Instagram and Messenger are linked - creating group chats cross-platform.

Other features the company announced are working on, giving users a way for them to make audio and video calls from Facebook directly, without the need to use Messenger, and the option for users to hide their like count on both platforms.

Ever since the scandals that happened with Facebook/Meta earlier this year, the company started working on integrating features that are bettering the mental health of all users.

A lot of studies surfaced, stating that the younger audience has been feeling depressed, anxious, stressed and addicted because of the apps they’re using. Instagram and Facebook were a big percentage of the studies that came out with horrifying results.

This brings us to another new update Instagram plans on implementing - ‘Take a Break’. Adam Mosseri, Instagram’s CEO announced it in an Instagram post on his personal profile.

So, now the main question remains, are all these updates being brought to the public due to the scandalous facts that surfaced in 2021, or are they being brought because the companies are truly here to help users get the best experience out of their apps?

The company has been creating various options for users to connect their accounts on both platforms, from sharing Instagram posts on Facebook, to sharing stories from one app to another, and the latest update messaging Facebook users via Instagram or the other way around.

If you don't want to share your Instagram posts and stories on Facebook, or have your accounts connected in any way, you can unlink your Facebook from your Instagram account.