How to Download TikTok Videos Without the Watermark

Are you using TikTok on a daily basis, and you need to download some videos from TikTok without the watermark in them? Well, you can! Even though it’s not an option directly integrated in the app, the Internet is coming to the rescue once again.

TikTok of course, doesn’t allow this, but there are ways of how to do this, and here’s exactly how!


Musically Down

Musically Down is one of the sites allowing you to download the TikTok without the watermark as a video, and even as an mp3 audio!

Briefly, all you need to do is navigate to the TikTok video you want to download, click the copy link button and paste it into Musicallydown.

You will be given a short preview and options to download it as mp4 (video) or mp3 (audio). This can be done via desktop, but Musically Down works just fine on mobile as well.

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SaveTik and SnapTik

These two sites function in a similar manner as Musically. You’ll need to open the TikTok you want to download and paste the URL in the field on the sites. These two apps often get shut down or lose some features because of copyright issues.


Another app offering you the similar features as the previous three. Follow the same steps we’ve already mentioned and download your video watermark-free.


Websites aren’t the only ones offering solutions to TikTok users. In case you download TikToks often and want to have them saved without any watermarks, here are several apps you can download on your iPhone or Android and use them on a daily basis.

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iTube Video Downloader (for desktop)

If you want to save videos without the TikTok logo to create compilations or edit them from your computer, there’s an app just for that.

iTube is an app available to be downloaded on desktop! Go to their website, download it and keep using the app in the same way as the websites mentioned previously.

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TikSave is also available as an app in the App Store, but is free for a trial of a three-day period, after that it comes at a price of $4.99 a week.

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This is also an app that can be found on the App Store. Type in the name of the app, download it, and you know the drill. In the lower right corner of the app, click on the Website icon. You’ll be redirected to the site, where you can download your TikTok without a watermark.

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