How to Find Users Who Don't Follow You Back on Instagram

Instagram is an app currently being used by more than a billion people. Some of the most important features the app is offering to its users are the likes and followers a specific profile has.

Regardless of whether you’re using Instagram as a private or a public profile, you’d still receive a notification when a user requests/starts following you.

But, when a user unfollows you on Instagram, it does not send out any type of notification, except for you noticing a decrease in your followers number.

Luckily, there are ways on how to check who unfollowed you, so keep reading to learn how to do that.

How can I find out who unfollowed me on Instagram?

Since Instagram does not offer its users any type of notifications or a specific field listing the users who are unfollowing you, there are ways on how you can find out.

  1. Checking the followers' list of a certain user: if you have a specific someone in mind and want to check if they’re still following you, you can open your profile, click on the followers section, and in the search bar, type in their name. If the user does not show up in the field, this means they are not following you. You can also do this by opening their profile, and in the following section, type in your username in the search bar. If your profile doesn’t show up, this means the user unfollowed you.
  2. Third-party apps: There are a lot of apps offering you detailed insights into your Instagram account. After downloading them, and giving them access to your Instagram, you’ll see several sections you can’t find on Instagram:
  • New followers: giving you details about users who started following you recently,
  • Unfollowers: users who stopped following you recently. Bear in mind that this section will start working from the moment you connect your Instagram with the third-party app, so it might show 0 unfollowers. You can check another section to make sure who stopped following you,
  • People who don’t follow you back: in this section you’ll find people who don’t follow you back, meaning celebrities, meme pages and probably what you’re looking for - people who unfollowed you, but you’re still following them. Right next to the names of these accounts, you’ll see a ‘Unfollow’ button. By clicking on it, you’ll unfollow them since the app is connected to your Instagram.
  • People you are not following back: same as the previous section, only for people you don’t follow back.

We will give you a list of several apps offering these options; some of them are completely free, while some have in-app purchases.

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  1. Followmeter
  2. Reports+
  3. Followers Insight for Instagram
  4. Unfollowers & Ghost followers for Instagram
  5. Follower Tool for Instagram

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