How to Get Water out of Charging Port

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Getting your phone soaked in water, drinks, or other types of liquid can cause permanent damage to the device.

Situations of this nature are not uncommon. We take our phones with us wherever we go, including to the shower, so it's likely we'll get water in the charging port or the speakers.

Acting on time, however, can prevent our devices from suffering permanent damage.

So, if you have found yourself in a situation where your charging port has gotten wet, this guide will show what you can do to dry it out and possibly get it back to functioning properly.


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iPhone users of the latest versions of the device receive messages that say Liquid detected in Lightning Connector and Charging not available.

If you charge your iPhone while its Lightning port is wet, the pins corrode and can cause permanent damage in the Lightning port or the cable, which will prevent your iPhone or accessory from working.

What to do if your iPhone or Lightning accessory is wet

According to Apple’s official website, there are few things users can do to dry off their iPhones.

To dry your iPhone:

  1. Gently tap your iPhone with the Lightning connector facing down to remove excess liquid. Place your iPhone in a dry, airy area.
  2. Connect a Lightning cable or connect an accessory to the iPhone after at least 30 minutes.
  3. If the liquid detection alert shows up again, it means that there is still liquid in the Lightning port or under the pins of your Lightning cable. Leave your phone in a dry area and try to charge it after 24 hours.

If you have a wireless charger, you can still use it to charge your phone.

What not to do when your phone has been sprinkled or soaked in liquid

  • Don’t try to dry your iPhone by putting it in front of a fan or using compressed air.
  • Don’t use a cotton swab, paper towel, or foreign objects to try and get the liquid out of your phone charging port.
  • Don’t put the iPhone in a bag of rice. This can only cause small pieces of rice to damage your iPhone further.


Note: The following steps are for Samsung phones or tablets.

According to Samsung’s website, Samsung’s devices won't charge if moisture is present in the charging port. However, the devices will still charge with a wireless charger.

To dry your Samsung device

  1. Shake the port gently to remove any water or moisture.
  2. Wait 1-2 hours for the water to evaporate naturally. In case any liquid other than water enters the charging port of your device, it needs to be rinsed with fresh water and dried thoroughly with a dry, soft cloth.

How to protect your phone from water

The technology aims to bring phones' water resistance to a higher level; however, our phones are still not completely waterproof.

The water damage, in some cases can be fatal for our phones and disable them from functioning completely.

Therefore, users are required to take safety precautions to protect their phones from damage.

  • Keep your device at least six feet from water sources.
  • Buy a waterproof case. Most of these phone cases are designed to prevent liquids from entering our devices. Many have rubber openings designed to prevent water from getting into the charging port.
  • Use a dry bag. Similar to waterproof phone cases, dry bags are designed to protect our phones from liquids. In addition, to safeguard the device, dry bags are convenient and are helpful, especially when we go to the beach.

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Wrapping up

If we don't take care of our devices and put them near water sources, they may become permanently damaged.

Follow the steps given in the articles to dry your phone.

If the steps are not working, take your phone to the closest authorized mobile shop.