How to Make a GIF for Facebook?

GIFs are awesome! They can explain everything that words and images can’t.

It’s no wonder why so many people use them when they communicate with their friends, comment on posts, or share stories on social media platforms.

Facebook is one of those social media networks that allows human expression through GIFs. Not long ago the tech giant had its own built-in GIF maker that people used to make GIFs by turning on their camera. But, unfortunately, this feature is no longer available, so Facebook users need to find third-party apps for making GIFs.

Nonetheless, Facebook allows posting GIFs from third-party apps almost everywhere on the platform.

So, In this blog post, we will go through Facebook’s options for posting and creating GIFs and a few websites where users can create GIFs and share them on Facebook.

Post GIFs directly from Facebook:

Facebook allows uploading GIFs in comments, as profile pictures, statuses, and within the Messenger app.

To post a GIF as a profile picture:

As previously mentioned Facebook doesn’t have a built-in GIF maker anymore, but still allows its users to post a video as their profile picture in a GIF format, and here is how:

  1. Log in to your account from your mobile phone.
  2. Click on the camera icon in the lower corner of the image and click on “Select a profile picture”.
  3. From your photo gallery choose a video clip, click on the “Edit” to trim the video, choose if you want to mute or unmute the video by tapping on the video.
  4. Click “Done”.

To post a GIF in the comment section on Facebook:

  1. Head to the Facebook post that you want to comment on.
  2. Click on “Comment” and from the icons on your left side choose “GIF”.
  3. Search for a GIF, and click on it.

To post a GIF as a Facebook status:

  1. Click on the “What’s on your mind?” section from your Newsfeed.
  2. Click on the three dots in the lower right corner.
  3. Click on GIFs and select a GIF animation.

To send a GIF in Facebook Messenger:

  1. Click on the smiley icon in the text box.
  2. Click on the GIF icon.
  3. Search for GIFs and click on the one you want to send.

Websites for creating GIFs

If you feel like Facebook is limited with GIFs, you can always turn to third-party apps that have an almost unlimited amount of these short repetitive video clips. There are multiple pages that almost anyone can use to create or modify GIFs.

We listed three of the most popular ones below:

1. Giphy

Giphy is one of the most popular GIF maker websites, where users can quickly and easily create a GIF. Its rich library offers multiple, fun, creative and popular GIFs, that anyone can use and modify to fit their needs.

With Giphy users can share GIFs on their Facebook status through their phones or web browsers with a few simple steps.

The best part is that the website is completely free.

How to create a GIF:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the “Create” button.
  3. Choose “GIF” from the offered options.
  4. Upload an image and customize the GIF by choosing one of the options from your right-hand menu. (Add text, stickers, animation, filters, and drawings).
  5. Click “Upload”.
  6. Click on the “Share” button and choose “Facebook”.

To share a pre-made GIF with Giphy:

  1. Go to and choose a GIF.
  2. Click on the “Share” option and choose “Facebook”.

2. is the fastest way to make and edit GIFs and short videos. At least that is what the company claims on their website.

Regardless of what you define as fast and easy this website truly offers a simple way of converting videos into GIFs.

All users have to do is copy and paste a URL from Youtube, Vine, or Instagram, or upload a file from their computer by dragging and dropping it into the intended box.

Once users apply a URL they can make a GIF by moving the blue box in the video editor and determining the GIF’s duration.

Furthermore, from the left-side users can add captions, images, crop the GIF, or use other options.

Once done, just download the video and post it anywhere on Facebook.

3. EzGif

This website is a little different from the ones mentioned before. Ezgif is mostly used by users that need to convert a video into a GIF format.

Furthermore, this website supports different formats like: GIF / JPG / PNG / APNG / HEIC / MNG / FLIF / AVIF / WebP.

To create a GIF, choose files from your computer and click on create a GIF.

The website will convert your file into a GIF and it will give you multiple options for customization like resize, crop, effects, speed, and so on.

To post a GIF from Ezgif on Facebook, first, save the GIF into your device, access your photo library and post it in the comments, as a Facebook post, or send it as a message.

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