How to Save Videos From Twitter?

Twitter is one of the platforms that’s been around for years now, and Twitter’s users often post some really funny videos, as well as educational ones or even the saucy gossip ones.

Twitter users are usually the first to notify the public about shocking events taking place, and nearly always breaking the news with videos to prove their stories! But, unfortunately, the app does not allow downloading videos directly from the app, most probably to protect their users.

So, no wonder you are wondering how to download Twitter videos, and fortunately for you, there is a way. The Internet is coming to the rescue once again to help you! Keep reading to find out how Twitter videos can be saved!

Update: You can now download videos from Twitter with’s Twitter Video Downloader.

How to save Twitter Videos

There are a number of sites giving you options to just paste the links, and download them directly to your computer/phone. Bear in mind that the videos you’ll download might belong to someone, so consider contacting them if you want to or plan to reshare the videos you need to download. We will give you several options on how to do this, so it’s up to you to decide which one you like best!

Twitter Video Downloader

A brief manual on how to use the site: you need to open Twitter and find the video you wish to download, copy the URL link by clicking on ‘Share Tweet’ and then ‘Copy Link to Tweet’. Paste the link into the field on TwitterVideoDownloader and watch the magic happen after clicking the download button! These sites work from the computer, Android Phones and iPhones too.

Save Tweet Vid

Similar website to the first one. Follow the same steps to download the video to your computer/phone.

Chrome extensions

Chrome extensions, Video Downloader Professional - there are a number of extensions for Google Chrome that will help you through the process of downloading videos to your PC. The one we mentioned is one of them, so add the extension and start downloading.

Mobile Apps

There are several apps allowing you to download videos, one of them being Download Twitter Videos - Twitter Video Downloader, available on the App Store and Google Play, meaning it functions for both iPhone or Android Phones. This works in a similar way as the first link we talked about, only it’s an app and it’s easier to use from the phone or tablet!

Another way to save Twitter Videos without using apps, sites or extensions is the good old screen recording. Just record the video, and then crop it using the tools in your Gallery.

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