How to Share 30 Sec Reels on an Instagram Story [2024]

Resharing content on Instagram can help users gain more views, likes, and engagement, making their content go viral.

Therefore many users re-share their Instagram photos and videos to their stories and stories to their highlights, and the same content is also usually shared on other platforms ( for example, Snapchat stories) as well.

Since resharing content (especially on stories) is a powerful tactic for gaining more attention, users also wonder how to share their Reels to that Instagram section as well.

In this blog post, we will talk about how to share Reels on Instagram stories, and as a bonus, we will give you a simple workaround on how to share full reels on Instagram stories without the need for users to tap on the story.

How to share a Reel on Instagram

  1. Open the Instagram app on your device.
  2. Select the Reels icon in the middle.
  3. Select the ‘send button’ on the left.

instagram reel send button

  1. Select ‘Add reel to your story’.

instagram add reel to your story optoin

  1. Select ‘Your Story’ to add to your story, Close Friends to share with your close friends, or ‘Send To’ to send to a specific person or group chat.

instagram your story option

How to share full-length Reels on Instagram Story

Instagram reels longer than 15 seconds can be shared easily, but longer reels need a few extra steps to be shared fully without requiring users to tap on the screen to view the whole Reel.

Also, due to Instagram's 15-second story length, users can save only the first 15 seconds of a long reel into their camera roll at a time. If users want to save the full Reel from an Instagram story, they need to tap again and save the next part separately from the first one.

Nevertheless, there is a workaround that involves a third-party IG app that allows users to share a full-length reel on their Instagram stories.

Steps to share a long reel on an Instagram story

  1. Download the Instagram media server.

instagram media server shortcut

  1. Find the reel you want to reshare and tap on the three dots at the bottom right corner.

Instagram reels three dots

  1. Tap on ‘Share to’.

instagram share to option

  1. Select ‘Instagram Media Server

instagram media server option

  1. Tap ‘Always allow’.

tap always allow

  1. Once you save the reel video in your photo gallery, open Instagram stories again.
  2. Find the reel and repost it.

That’s it!

You have successfully added to your story an Instagram reel.

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Bonus: How to repost an Instagram story on Facebook

  1. Apon sharing your Instagram story, tap the ‘Sharing option’ menu on the and select ‘Share once’.
  2. To share the story afterward, view your story and swipe up on the screen. Scroll down and tap on the ‘Share’ button next to ‘Share to Facebook Story’.

Wrapping Up

As one of the biggest social media platforms, Instagram offers many features that can bring users a vast following if appropriately utilized.

Re-sharing your posts on Instagram and other social media platforms is one of the most used tactics to boost your profile exposure.