How to Speed up Business Sales with Auto Instagram DMs

Did you know that around 200 million users on Instagram run some kind of business that requires constant Instagram messaging every single month? Everyone who has a business account with an Instagram profile, knows that Instagram DMs can be a great marketing campaign, playing a significant role in making any brand/business generate new leads and consequently build quality relationships with customers, which speeds up the sales process.


Auto Instagram DMs can help you streamline your clients’ conversations and using them will make sure that you don’t miss on important questions they ask even when you are off the clock.

Either way, if you are running a business on an Instagram profile, scrolling and checking through DMs can definitely feel overwhelming.

So, if you are interested to speed up your business/brand sales through automated Instagram DMs, here is everything you need to know:

What is an auto Instagram message (DM)?

Automated Instagram DMs, as the name tells, are automatically sent messages to the person who is trying to interact with you as a business owner/ brand owner. They can be very simple and therefore answer the most usual questions about the products and services that the business is all about.

Also, they can be more personal where you as the business owner give guidance to your customers with multiple choice answer results, depending on how they respond and follow.

How to integrate auto Instagram DM to speed up your business/brand sales

There are several methods for how you can speed up the process that will bring traffic to your website and provide great customer support service that will hook people to buy what you offer.

Here are some of them that will help you learn how you can speed up your sales with Instagram auto DMs.

  • Method 1: Ensure that you have 24/7 customer service support

Having 24/7 customer support service that can be done only through automated Instagram DMs indeed does the trick when it comes to speeding up your business sales. Not only it builds brand loyalty, but it also inspires people to purchase from you once again and stay alert for discounts.

  • Method 2: Boost sales by promoting your products and services

When you have a new product or you want to share something interesting, you can again use the automated Instagram DMs. This is the easiest way to inform your followers about your latest product development and keeping them updated with news on behalf of your latest products is a great way to boost engagement and speed up sales at the same time.

  • Method 3: Learn the way to gain new leads

Instagram stories are by far one of the most efficient methods to gain new leads because more than 500 million users interact via Instagram stories on a daily basis. There are a lot of interesting opportunities to channel users into your Instagram DMs through captivating and engaging stories by adding fun stickers and also by changing the link sticker text in stories.

This will create users’ engagement in just a few minutes after you post your story. You can even make an automated welcome reply which will lead them towards your website or offer your business’ products and services.

  • Method 4: Create your email address list

Another way for you to speed up your sales by implementing the Instagram DMs is to create an email list. For instance, you have an eCommerce shop and you offer a discount code on a special occasion, saying “Message me ‘CHRISTMAS15’ if you want to get a 15% discount code”.
So, when someone receives such a prompt, it automatically triggers a conversation and makes them even more interested in future promotions, giveaways, etc.

  • Method 5: Speed up your website traffic

Instagram DMs will also steer your users to your website. This is because automated messages can include links that lead to your products and services and it will do the trick to intrigue message recipients to visit your website. This can automatically drive sales.

Why business/brand owners use automated Instagram DMs

If you are running a business, then you probably know that to be successful in what you do, you know that businesses work 24 hours a day. So, you have to ensure that your customers are able to contact you at any time regarding the service/product they buy from you.

This means that your business will receive messages 24/7 and it is not always possible - also money-wise, for you to have someone answer those questions all the time.

All of these methods will eventually lead towards building a loyal community and great engagement in that aspect. It is quite important that you enable automated Instagram DMs because having loyal customers lasts forever, making them gain trust and overall feel closer to your brand.