How to Start Using Alexa's Adaptive Volume

Written by Tijana Gadgets

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Have you ever found yourself putting all your strength to hear Alexa’s reminder while your dog is barking, or your entire family is having a heated discussion in the background?

Well, Amazon came up with a solution for users to be able to hear Alexa in a noisy environment. Introducing Amazon Echo’s ‘Adaptive Volume’, Alexa will now be ‘reading the room’ to adapt her tone and loudness.

This will help eliminate the need for users to manually switch Alexa’s volume, so no more struggling to hear Alexa in a noisy room, or Alexa being too loud in a quiet room.

You can easily make your voice assistant adapt to the ambient noise.

How to turn on ‘Adaptive Volume’

To turn on ‘Adaptive Volume’, you can simply use your voice commands by saying ‘Alexa, turn on Adaptive Volume’, and the feature will be activated.

Do the same to turn it off if you’re not satisfied with the feature. Bear in mind that this feature is currently only available in the US. You can also enable Adaptive Volume manually, using the Alexa app:

  1. Open the Alexa app on your phone.
  2. Click on ‘More’, and tap ‘Settings’.
  3. Under ‘Settings’, look for ‘Alexa Preferences’.
  4. Click on ‘Voice Preferences’.
  5. You will see three options: Brief Mode, Whisper Mode and Adaptive Volume.
  6. The one you’re looking for is ‘Adaptive Volume’, just toggle the button next to this option.

All three options we mentioned are features that are adjusting the volume of your smart assistant.

If you decide to activate some of the other two features, here’s what will happen:

  • Brief Mode - once this feature is activated, Alexa’s answers will be shortened, concise and brief. She might use sounds instead of voice responses, and her talk time will be reduced.
  • Whisper Mode - once this feature is activated, Amazon Alexa’s voice will be lowered, whispering. Her answers will be as quiet as possible, and will only answer while whispering. You can also activate this feature by asking a question while whispering, instead of doing it manually every time someone is sleeping in the house.

An additional tip on adjusting Alexa to your needs — you can adjust Alexa’s volume for specific timings of the day. You can lower the volume in the mornings, heighten it during the day, and then lower it at night once again.