How to Stop Someone From Seeing You on Bumble

Written by Tanja

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Lots of dating apps can be very unsafe for women, but luckily we have Bumble where only women are allowed to make the first move. It is completely reasonable to want certain people to stop seeing you on your Bumble profile. Silly as it is, but you probably don’t want the people you play football or go shopping with to see how many pictures you have on your account.

So, if you want to control who sees your Bumble profile keep reading cause we’ve got it all covered.

Bumble algorithm controls who sees you

In reality, no one actually knows how these algorithms work. Of course, we know that people who have swiped right on you will appear closer to the top of your feed than those who haven’t swiped right. Therefore, it is logical to think that if you don’t want someone to see you on Bumble, you shouldn’t swipe right on them.

Besides, your Bumble needs a fine balance when it comes to right-swiping and if you keep doing it to everyone, you’ll be flagged up to Bumble and they’ll push you right to the back of the queue and no one will be able to see you.

In actual fact, the easiest and most fine-tuned way to control who sees you on Bumble is using your age range, filters and radius.

Use filters to control who is seeing you

In addition to the previous paragraph, you can use filters to narrow down who sees you on Bumble. Using Bumble Filters you can make it really clear who you are and what you are looking for, especially if you have a Premium Bumble account. Free Bumble users can utilize up to two advanced filters but the Premium users can toggle on as many as they like.

With Bumble Filters, you can toggle on different preferences from drinking and smoking habits, to whether you have or want children, and even zodiac signs. To set these filters, you answer questions related to them on your Bumble profile. This way you will only appear to people who accept your stated preferences.

Use the incognito mode to control who is seeing you

The Bumble’s incognito mode is yet another interesting instrument to control who sees your profile.

When you use the incognito mode, you won't totally disappear from Bumble, but you will only show up in other users’ feeds once you have already swiped right on them. However, this amazing option is only available for Bumble Premium members.

Use Snooze to control who is seeing you

When you snooze your profile, only users who have matched and started a conversation with you will be able to see you. You won’t show up in anyone’s feed or Beeline.

Luckily, the snooze feature is available to all Bumble users. You should just go to Settings and toggle Snooze on. You can choose to snooze your Bumble profile for a specific amount of time or indefinitely. You can toggle it off whenever you feel like and gain full access to Bumble.

Use Blocking on Bumble

If you want a specific person to not be able to see you, you can block them. Bumble offers the option to block users, just like Tinder. When you choose to block a user, you will be presented with the ‘I’m just not interested’ option. This option doesn't get the user reported, but they will be blocked from seeing your profile in the future and any contact with them will also disappear.

Keep in mind though that when you block someone you cannot unblock them. So choose wisely who you'd like to block.

Dating apps like Bumble are a great way for meeting new people. But sometimes, it may just happen that you want to limit who can see you and contact you. These are the ways you can use to control who can see you and stop someone from seeing you on Bumble.