How to View Private Instagram Profiles 2024 - 5 Easy Ways

Instagram is an app that counts more than 1 billion global users that follow, like, comment, and virtually engage with each other on the platform. And not everyone wants their photos and videos to be “exposed” in front of the eyes of many unknown people. For those users, the company offers an option for a private account that limits their content visibility. This way only users whose follow request was accepted by a private account can view and engage with the person or the content of that account.

So is it possible to view private Instagram accounts?

There are many sneaky ways of viewing someone’s Instagram private profile. The most ethical and fair way, though, would be to send a follow request. However, regardless of which way you want to use, we’ve gathered 5 possible solutions that might help you peek into someones’ private Instagram profile without actually following them from your account.

Let’s dive in.

Google your person’s name

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Googling someones’ name and Instagram username and heading to the image and video section, can give you a small sneak-peak into their private profile.

When Instagram users create their accounts they leave copies of their posts, so you can view some of them via Google.

Even though this may not give you access to someone’s latest private Instagram photos it can give you an idea of what they post.

Create fake account

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One of the sneaky ways that can help you spy on someone’s private account is by creating a fake one. A fake account means introducing yourself as someone else, by using a fake profile picture and name. Also, in order to create a fake Instagram account, you need to put extra effort and make it look as “real” as possible. Since Instagram aims to keep the platform as safe and authentic as possible this action is risky and violates Instagram’s terms and conditions.

Ask a friend

This one is probably the most obvious and easy advice to follow. If sending a follow request is out of the question, you can always ask a friend to follow the person from their personal account. It would be even better if you have friends that already follow the person whose private insta you want to view. Your friends can send you a screenshot of the profile (since Instagram still doesn’t send notifications to people for grid screenshots), or let you view the profile from their accounts.

Private Instagram viewers

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The internet is full of tools for viewing Instagram’s private accounts “anonymously” and for “free”.

Users are constantly looking for private Instagram viewers that “work”, hoping that these tools might help them view someone’s private profile. We did a small research and discover a few websites that offer this service.

Usually, all these apps ask is an Instagram username, click on a “spy now” button, and confirmation that you are a human by completing a human verification step. After these steps are completed, users are represented with a “survey” that also needs to be completed.

Most times these tools come from a suspicious environment, so users need to be careful when they use them.

Some of the most popular tools we found online are listed below.

  • IGlookup
  • InstaRipper
  • PrivateInsta
  • Instagram ++ (App for Android and iOS)

Some of these Instagram private profile viewers claim to additionally offer options for incognito viewing public profiles’ Instagram stories, besides the option for viewing profiles anonymously.

Search other social media platforms

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There is rarely someone using only one social media platform today. With all these different options and benefits tech giants offer, there are big chances that the person you are looking for is active on other social media platforms.

What you can do is simply search for their name and last name or enter the username on Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest, or on another social network. This won’t help you view private Instagram photos, but it can help you see other content of the person you are searching for.