What Should You Put and Leave Out of Your Tinder Profile?

Not getting enough matches on dating apps can truly make people feel bad about themselves. Oftentimes the issue isn’t their physical appearance, nor their character traits.

Mostly, the things users decide they should include in their Tinder profiles, might not seem so appealing after all. So, if you’re curious about what to put in your Tinder profile, keep reading to find out!

What should I put in my Tinder profile?

1. Profile pictures

When creating a Tinder profile, the app allows up to 6 pictures to be put in the account. Make sure to put at least 5 pictures of yourself. The more photos there are on your profile, the more people will want to start communicating with you. This is mainly because there are a lot of fake profiles on the platform, who put 2 or 3 images of random people from all over the world, so using the maximum of the profile pictures will get you closer to your perfect match!

2. Show things you’re passionate about!

Don’t add a bio just because you have to, write a bio that will make people interested in what you have to say and who you are as a person. Try mentioning some of your hobbies and interests, if it’s art, music, or sports, for both men and women, this can become an amazing conversation starter!

3. Add pictures of places you’ve visited

Saying in your profile bio that you love traveling sounds a bit cliché, so add a picture from a place you visited instead of writing it down. This will make other users more intrigued by where you’ve been and what you’ve seen.

4. Mention your music taste

Regardless if your favorite artist is Post Malone or Johnny Cash, mentioning what you love listening to can also be an amazing conversation starter. One thing is sure, there is someone out there with the same music preferences as you, and this can be your opening message with some of your potential matches!

5. State where you’re from and your age

As we mentioned, there are a lot of people creating fake profiles on dating apps, so make sure to avoid being seen as one of them. Make your profile seem as legit as possible by having your age, and where you come from.

What shouldn’t I put in my Tinder profile?

Men holding phone

1. Try avoiding selfies

Online dating is hard, and your dating profile needs to look as amazing as possible. Bathroom selfies, club selfies, avoid putting all of them. Try going for photos of you that someone else took, those pictures always turn out better anyway!

2. Don’t make boring conversation starters

You matched with someone, and you want to text them something. Is “Hi”, “Hey”, “Wyd” the best you can come up with? We’re not saying you won’t get a reply, but first impressions are still important in online dating.

3. Wearing eyewear in pictures

Having sunglasses in most of your Tinder pictures will most likely make a user swipe left. They hide your whole face, and make you seem a bit insecure about your looks. Confidence is always a good choice.

4. Your Tinder bios including things such as “Don’t swipe right if you…”

This looks really bad. You might feel like it’s quirky, well thought, and you simply know what you want and need, but for everyone else this just looks cocky.

5. Having a blank profile

Many users don’t put things in their bio, or only have one or two photos of themselves. This does not make you look mysterious, it only gives “I don’t care” vibes, and no one on the platform will feel attracted to this. Try giving more information on your profile, so you can get more matches.

If you are new to Tinder, get to know the app with our guide on how to use Tinder.