10 IG Tools to Gain More Engagement And Exposure

Instagram is a beautiful social network that provides its users with the opportunity to market their products and services and expand their businesses in many ways.

However, Instagram has many drawbacks as well.

The social media platform does not entirely meet the users' demands when it comes to generating more traffic from the app to their websites, increasing engagement, and maximizing their Instagram marketing efforts.

Instagram offers features that can somewhat help users with these goals. However, they are constrained, which is why many turn to third-party apps.

If you are not familiar with these apps that can help you quickly achieve your goals, just keep on reading to learn more.

10 IG Marketing tools that can help you sky-rocket your profile

  1. Link in Bio tools
  2. Instagram rearranging- photo tools
  3. Photo and video editing tools
  4. Scheduling tools
  5. Instagram AI caption generators
  6. Automation Tools
  7. Instagram Analytics Tools
  8. Instagram Hashtag Tools
  9. Instagram Stories Tools
  10. Instagram Tools for Finding Influencers

Are you looking for a way to link more than one link to your Instagram account?

Well, the good news is that you can do that with the help of custom bio links tools.

Tools like these automatically generate links that can be placed in your Instagram bio section, leading users who click on your link to a custom landing page where they can follow you on your other social media channels or visit your website.

In other words, you won't have to keep changing links in your bio to display the latest content from other channels such as TikTok, YouTube, or VSCO since all these links will be placed on a landing page that users can access directly from a single link in your bio.


linktree app

Linktree is one of the most popular tools for links in bio online.

The tool helps users link everything to their Instagram accounts, from the latest videos and articles to their websites and product shops.

In addition, users can customize their Linktree by adding their brand colors choosing images and fonts.


lnk.bio app

Lnk.bio is another intuitive and easy-to-use tool that connects all the content you want to your Instagram account. Lnk.bio offers unlimited links, and users can access the app from computers and phones.


milkshake app

The Milkshake app allows you to build a mini-website that your Instagram followers can access through the Milkshake link in your bio and view your latest content.

For example, if you want your Instagram followers to see all your latest episodes from your podcasts, you can use the Milkshake app to create a website and link all the episodes there.

2. Instagram rearranging- photo tools

One of the deciding factors in becoming Insta-famous is the aesthetics of the profile.

The aesthetics of the profile also depend on various factors, but one of the most important ones is the position of the Instagram pictures, i.e., the layout on which they are set.

The layout of the photos can make Instagram profiles look clean, creative, or fun, but unfortunately, we all know rearranging photos on Instagram is impossible.

Therefore, users can try out preview tools that will allow them to see what their Instagram profile will look like when they start posting their photos in a particular order.


planoly app

Planoly is a handy app that offers multiple features like arranging, scheduling, and planning Instagram photos.

The app is easy to use and allows users to preview and see their Instagram profile before publishing the photos officially.

Planoly gives users the flexibility to experiment with the aesthetics of their Instagram grid and try different photo arrangements until they find the one they are most satisfied with.

The preview app

the preview app

The preview app is another available tool on the market for achieving the best Instagram aesthetics.

The app allows users to arrange, schedule, and publish Instagram posts, Reels, IGTV, and stories.

Additionally, the app offers options for searching Instagram captions, analytics, and more.

Plann App


If you are looking for a flexible app that can be easily used from both computer and mobile devices, Planner App is a perfect choice.

This app supports previewing your Instagram grid, tagging Instagram posts, and professional image editing.

Despite being a helpful app for Instagram, Plann also supports TikTok - another world's favorite social media app.

3. Photo and video editing tools

As a photo-based platform, images and videos are crucial for Instagram.

Well-captured and edited photos and videos are the spinning wheels of someone’s success on the platform.

Instagram offers filters and editing options that can help users improve their photos. However, many more advanced and intuitive photos and video-editing apps are available online.

So, if you feel like Instagram filters are not enough, check out the three tools below that can help you bring your photos and videos to perfection.


vsco app

VSCO is one of the most popular photo-editing apps online, mainly used by professional photographers that like to showcase their work. In addition, the app functions as a type of social network as well.

Moreover, VSCO can also be used for photo-editing only since it offers multiple features that make your photos look as if professionals edited them.

3. Google Photos

Besides being one of the most used photo storage from Android and iOS users, Google Photos is also a great free alternative for editing photos.

It might not be as advanced as other editing apps, but it still offers attractive filters and features for making photo adjustments.

In addition, Google Photos offers a feature that can automatically edit your image and make significant adjustments to its appearance.


snapseed app

SnapSeed is another photo-editing app owned by Google.

The app is advanced yet user-friendly, and anyone can use it to enhance its photos.

SnapSeed is also compatible with both Android and iOS devices which gives users greater flexibility regarding the devices they use.

The best part is that SnapSeed offers multiple built-in features such as crop, rotate, perspective, healing, tonal contrast, and so on.


powerdirector app

Although video editing can be a complex activity that requires a lot of practice, almost anyone can edit their videos with PowerDirector.

The app has a simple linear timeline that lets you stitch clips quickly, plus it offers many other features that enable users to apply different sounds and effects in their videos.

In addition, PowerDirector can be used on Android and iOS devices.

4. Scheduling Tools

Time plays a significant role in social media marketing on Instagram.

To keep your audience from missing your posts, you need to publish Reels, stories, and IGTV during the hours users are most active.

Nevertheless, it may not always be possible to manually post all your content at a time when your followers are online. That is when scheduling tools come into play.

Posts can be scheduled in advance and automatically posted at different times during the day when followers are most active using the tools.



CoSchedule is a marketing management tool that, among other things, allows users to schedule Instagram posts at the right time.

Besides scheduling, with CoSchedule, users can organize their projects better and oversee all the tasks from one place.

In addition, the software is user-friendly, and tasks can be organized by drag-and-drop.


iconosquare app

Iconosquare is a multi-platform that allows users to schedule their posts whenever they need.

In addition, the platform also offers user tagging, an option for adding geolocation, a first comment scheduler, and many other beneficial features.

Since multiple people use these platforms at once, Iconosquare allows users to collaborate within the platform by giving them the possibility to give each other feedback, reject or accept a task.



OnlyPult is probably one of the few platforms that support a wide variety of social media channels.

Besides scheduling posts on Instagram, OnlyPult lets you schedule posts for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business, YouTube, TikTok, Tumblr, WordPress, Telegram, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Pinterest, and Medium.

In addition, users can also schedule stories and carousels, plus the platform offers an option for auto-deletion.

5. Instagram AI caption generators

Anyone who has little knowledge of social media marketing knows how vital Instagram captions are.

Instagram captions can drive engagement and help you reach a wider audience by getting you on the explore page.

However, not everyone has a talent or time for writing. That’s why there are many AI content writing tools that can help you generate killer Instagram captions in just a few minutes.


jasper app

Jasper, formerly known as Jarvis, is an AI tool that has received a lot of fame and attention in the recent past.

The tool is intuitive and easy to use and allows users to create creative and stunning Instagram captions.

Besides captions, Jasper can generate entire blog posts, email headlines, and attractive headlines for your Google Ads campaigns.



TagWag is another AI-driven caption generator.

The tool works by analyzing your image and producing different captions and Instagram hashtags.

Once you land on their website, just place an image on the smartphone and wait for the toll to generate interesting Instagram captions ideas.

The tool can also be used from an Apple or Android device.



CaptionPlus is a free AI hashtag and Instagram caption generator and offers over 35 caption categories you can choose from.

For example, if you are looking for a caption about Fitness, all you need to do is click on the fitness category, and the tool will generate captions about that industry.

Next, copy the caption and paste it on your Instagram post.

6. Automation Tools

Each tool mentioned in this blog post is a type of automation tool.

As the name suggests, these tools automate every job that needs to be manually done, such as scheduling, analytics, comments, likes, or even replying to messages.

This significantly decreases the workload since most of the job is done by software and not a person. In addition, this kind of technology can help complete a project without wasting a lot of time and money.

Here is a list of some of the best automation tools.



SocialPilot is an automation tool that has many features under its belt.

With this tool, you can schedule social media posts across the biggest social media platforms, including Instagram; create a content calendar for better coordination and control over tasks, and use many other features that can ease the jobs that would require a lot of human attention.



Hootsuite is one of the most well-liked automation tools.

Large agencies and enterprises mostly use it. However, anyone who needs a powerful tool with numerous options can use it.

With Hootsuite, users can manage multiple channels like Instagram, WhatsApp, even SMS; receive valuable insights, contain ads, and create calendars.



BuzzSumo is perfect for users looking to discover trending content that is essential if you want to succeed on a social media network such as Instagram.

The tool also offers content research, finding influencers, and monitoring, which means that instead of doing all this work by yourself, BuzzSumo can do this for you.

7. Instagram Analytics Tools

Analytics is a vital part of every business. Without valuable data, no one would be able to make informed decisions.

The same applies to businesses that want to succeed on Instagram. With valuable data, users can discover who their audience is, their age, and their interests to produce engaging and relevant content.

Business accounts on Instagram have the privilege of getting insights about their audience through Instagram insights. However, other tools designed primarily for fetching and gathering data from the platform can give users better and more detailed information.

Creator Studio


Creator Studio is a native Instagram analytics tool. The tool is excellent if you are looking for a user-friendly and free app that fetches data about people that follow your account.

The Creator Studio provides reports for the past seven days and shows the actions users have taken while visiting your profile.



KeyHole is a specialized tool for measuring and monitoring the efforts made in influencer marketing.

The tool offers functions through which users can measure core data like engagement, reach, impressions, and data related to Stories.

Also, the tool pulls important data on influencers and allows users to see their following and engagement rate, so they can easily decide with whom to work.



With Brand24, you can monitor the comments related to your brand, allowing you to protect your online reputation.

Additionally, the tool allows users to segment positive, negative, and neutral comments for easier monitoring and response.

Moreover, you can identify various problems your customers encounter and improve the user experience by fixing the issues using this analytical tool.

8. Instagram hashtag tools

It's essential to use hashtags on Instagram because they help users find your profile when they're looking for content like yours.

Some tools automatically generate the latest and most searched hashtags on Instagram in just a few seconds for those who have trouble creating them.



Inflact is a free tool that allows you to generate hashtags through words, images, and URLs.

All users have to do is choose their preferred hashtag creation method and let the tool generate a list of relevant tags.

They will receive a report that shows them similar hashtags related to the main hashtag, posts including those hashtags, and an analysis showing the likelihood of their post ranking for the hashtag.

Alternatively, users can mark the hashtags they want to use on their posts and place them copy-and-paste instead of writing them all down manually.


sistrix app

Sistrix is a free tool for generating relevant and trending hashtags.

The tool is precise and easy to use, and sophisticated enough for users who do not require detailed hashtag analysis.

Sistrix requires users to type in hashtags like food, vegan, salad, and then the tool will generate hashtags related to those keywords. Additionally, the tool separates the top 30 most commonly searched hashtags for a specific category that users can use in their posts.

All Hashtag

all hashtag

All Hashtag is an intuitive and easy free tool for generating Instagram hashtags.

Similar to previous tools, users need to type in a targeted keyword, and the tool will generate a list of 30 relevant hashtags in a matter of seconds.

Additionally, users can choose between a list of the most searched hashtags, random hashtags related to the word they want to target, or live hashtags.

To apply hashtags to their posts, users need to do it with a copy-paste.

9. Instagram stories tools

Almost all social platforms and even many popular websites have implemented the stories, i.e., the photos that disappear after 24 hours.

As well as being fun and interesting to watch, the stories have proven to be a powerful way for increasing traffic and engagement.

That’s why many use the Stories feature to divert traffic from Instagram to other social media or websites.

Nevertheless, stories need to be aesthetically pleasing to get attention and get your followers to visit your account or redirect them to another social network.

Editing each story is time-consuming, so several tools can help you do it quickly and efficiently.


canva app

Anyone who lacks the technical skills to use Photoshop is familiar with Canva.

Canva is an innovative and straightforward solution for all users who need professionally designed templates in different sizes.

Canva offers a wide range of templates for different needs, including templates made for Instagram stories.

The software offers a range of free and pre-designed templates that users can modify by changing color text, adding different shapes and designs, and more.


unfold app

Unfold is an all-in-one app that allows users to create beautifully designed Instagram stories. Besides the professionally-designed templates, users can also edit their photos and videos, plan their Instagram feed with filters and effects, arrange the photo order in advance, and even design a Bio landing page for their links in bio.

The app is available for Android and iOS devices.


mojo app

Mojo is a popular app that lets users easily create animated video content.

The app has over four hundred original and well-designed templates that users can share on Instagram and TikTok.

Users can also customize their video content by adding images, music, colors, special effects, and text fonts.

The app is free and can be used on Android and iOS devices.

10. Instagram tools for finding influencers

Influencer marketing has become a hot topic in recent years after social media platforms have become a part of almost every aspect of our lives.

Influencer marketing is not new, but it has intensified after many gained fame and influence thanks to social media. Many businesses invest large sums of money in influencers to reach their audience and sell more of their product.

Finding relevant influencers in the sea of ​​social media users is sometimes daunting.

But some tools greatly facilitate this search and generate additional important information for influencers that may be useful to those who want to work with them.


klear app

Klear is an influencer marketing software designed to find, analyze, manage, connect and measure influencer marketing efforts.

With Klear, you can discover any influencer by location or category and make sure that you are hiring the right one by analyzing the data the software provides.

Klear also serves to manage and monitor all the influencer marketing and communication projects.


heepsy app

Heepsy is an advanced tool that lets users find Instagram influencers quickly and easily.

With the help of Heepsy, users can filter influencers by category, location, engagement, and audience.

Furthermore, the tool offers in-depth reports about the authenticity of an influencers’ audience, a feature for creating influencer lists from within the platform, and the option to export all the valuable data in a preferred spreadsheet app.

Ninja Outreach

ninja outreach app

Ninja Outreach is a tool for searching Instagram influencers by keyword.

Users need to type in a keyword connected to a specific industry and access a database of influencers that operate in that industry.

The tool also offers features that help users manage their projects, track conversation histories, email opens, clicks, and replies.

Benefits form using Instagram third-party tools

Instagram is continuously improving the platform by rolling out new and better features almost every week.

The new features aim to improve the experience on the platform and to satisfy the needs of the users.

However, Instagram is far from perfect and some features that are desperately sought after by Instagrammers can be implemented by third-party apps.

In addition, there are many benefits users can gain from these IG tools and some of them are listed below.

  • Enhances sales.
  • Easily improve both photos and captions.
  • Gathering data and valuable insights are done with a few clicks.
  • Saves time and resources by automating the manual work.
  • Finding influencers and people to collaborate with is easy and quick.

What to do if the Instagram marketing strategy does not work?

Building an account with a high number of followers is a goal of many that requires effort and commitment.

Sometimes, the process of building an Instagram account that many would follow can be frustrating and discouraging.

Many would say that social media can be toxic, even when building and leading business profiles.

But it is not impossible to create an exciting profile that many would follow.

The most important thing is to try more tactics, find out as much as possible about your target audience and post quality content regularly.

Wrapping up

Instagram has opened up many opportunities for earning and running a business.

As time goes on, we can expect that this platform will be more and more upgraded in terms of features that users can use directly from it.

But until it becomes a one-stop-shop platform for all activities, we can use the many advanced and affordable tools designed to help us achieve tremendous success on this platform.